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Introducing - Celebrations to You!

Like many of you I have been fortunate to spend the last few weeks staying home and staying safe with my family. The biggest question I had initially was not about when we are going back as an event industry - there is no going back - but, rather, what is going to be next? 

A spark occurred during a conversation with a longtime friend and fellow artist, Ruth Becker, whose amazing Ketubah business had also fallen off with all of the cancellations and postponements due to the global response to the pandemic.

We are now proud to announce this exclusive collaboration between Ruth Becker Fine Art and Geoff Chesman Visuals - Celebrations to You!

Celebrations to You is a comprehensive suite of services to enhance any event - live or virtual! Even when it is deemed safe to gather in larger numbers, events will be different and some people will still be hesitant, or unable to travel. Celebrations to You is a way to include those people at your next event. Weddings, Bnai-Mitzvah, Birthdays and more!  • Our design team can create custom logos, invitation graphics, custom zoom backgrounds, event websites, slideshows, video montages and other pre-produced content. 

• We’ve also created a new line of Milestone Keepsakes, framed prints and books that contain personal handwritten messages from guests. We collect them, so you don't have to, and we assemble them into one print for you to enjoy forever!

• You may have already seen our Partsyscapes lawn decorations popping up all over town or shared through social media.

• We can help you set up and manage your video calls - on whichever platform you choose, including lighting and audio support.

Of course, our award-winning photographers and videographers are well rested and ready to get back to work covering events too! We look forward to helping you enhance your next celebration!


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